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Your “A.I. Bot”  is not just a part of a webpage.  Webpages show you product and prices.   “A.I Bot” is part of your team. It will be constantly learning. Learning your business, Learning your customers, Learning  in making sales and closing deals!    This  A.I. –  Artificial Intelligence  Revolution is a big game changer.  Every Company will use it. And if you don’t. You will fall behind. 


We Programed (trained) A.I. Bot to act like a human and to have full conversations with your customers.  Making suggestions in order to Make a sale!  

Ask Questions as if your a costumer. 


Mind you, It will be continuing learning.  Also Let us know if you feel that it needs to know somethings that it is not answering correctly. Please let us know in educating it more on your business.  Just like a human. It will be learning as time goes by.