Chief Innovation Officer Deborah Acosta
San Leandro
Being on the East side of the bay. lodged in between Oakland and Hayward of the east bay. Sits San Leandro.
Despite the physical location of the city. In High Tech Innovation, This city sits long side Santa Clara, Mt. View and San Jose.
We are saying. "Silicon Valley" San Leandro has been sky rocketing into a new Technology era. And Many thanks to San Leandro's
Deborah Acosta Chief Innovation Officer in City of San Leandro for making this happen.

An excerpt taken on Chief Innovation Officer Deborah Acosta to fully understand her strengths and abilities;

The lifeblood of all economic development is investment, whether in projects that create a business friendly environment or in businesses that require capital to grow and create jobs. My finance experience is well grounded in the private sector through years of experience in commercial lending, both as an administrator and as a lender. In the public sector, I have worked with both debt and equity tools, public and private, linking funding opportunities and other business development services to hundreds of businesses.My business development skills are particularly suited to providing services needed for innovative, fast growing businesses that create jobs, including internet and clean technologies. I am particularly interested in developing sustainable co-working spaces and business incubators in these sectors. There is a huge need for this type of creative incubation space in the East Bay -- and a huge business opportunity for operators of these spaces.
Creative thinker
Experienced finance professional
Strong communicator and meeting facilitator.
Skilled at establishing mission, timelines, deliverables early in strategic planning process
Exemplary written and oral communications skills
Robust and diverse network of professional contacts, locally, regionally and internationally, enabling effective connections and recommendations for potential partnerships

As Chief Innovation Officer for the City of San Leandro, I am responsible for developing and implementing initiatives,
collaborations and partnerships that serve to create a healthy tech eco-system for this diverse city of 85,000 residents.
My work serves to attract, retain and expand private sector business interests in the City through collaborations that
include businesses, government (local to federal), other non-governmental organizations and local and regional educational
institutions. The City's vision is to nurture innovation that stimulates job creation while enhancing the quality of life
for San Leandro's citizens.

San Leandro's location on the San Francisco Bay, just minutes away via BART from Oakland and San Francisco and a short
drive to Silicon Valley, provides businesses and residents with excellent access to world class resources, including the
Oakland and San Francisco International Airports, the Oakland Maritime Port and U.C. Berkeley and California State University
East Bay. Traditionally an industrial and manufacturing-based business community, the City is now attracting a new generation
of businesses and jobs focused on advanced manufacturing and other innovative technologies.

The primary enabler of the renewal is Lit San Leandro, a state-of-the-art digital backbone loop of fiber optics that allows
service providers to deliver via a ultra-high-speed, Internet communications network. Lit San Leandro is a public/private
partnership created through an unique partnership between the City of San Leandro and Dr. Patrick Kennedy, CEO of OSIsoft,
and international software company with over 1,000 employees worldwide headquartered in San Leandro.